Quick Tip : Avoid Carrier Branded Tablets

A few days ago, I published a post advising users to completely avoid carrier branded mobile phones whenever possible but what about tablets? It should be no surprise that the answer is the same. Aside from the same shortcomings of carrier branded phones, many carrier branded tablets suffer from the same set of problems in our Tablet Brands To Avoid post from a few days ago such as non-existent over the air updates.

Here is a list of a few carrier branded tablets to specifically avoid at all costs:

  • Any Acatel Tablet
  • The Verizon Ellipsis
  • Insignia (Best Buy + Verizon Exclusive)

To make matters worse, most carrier branded tablets will actually cost you more in payments then they are actually worth in monthly payments. Even the almost free tablets have high profit margins for carriers due to the cost of the data plan and commitments.

If you must have a LTE Tablet – It is best to go with a Unlocked Tablet such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab LTE, Nexus 9, iPad with LTE or a Microsoft Surface with LTE. Unlocked tablets also have a higher resale value which can help if you plan to upgrade your tablet in the future.

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